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Cybersecurity is as much about protecting your business today as about empowering and sustaining future growth. Concertium’s industry-leading cybersecurity services provide a unified solution suite to fit evolving business needs, and expert guidance to support your journey.

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Advanced Email & Collaboration Security
Threat Detection & Response
Managed Network & Firewall
Cloud Security
User Education & Awareness
Application Security

Advanced Email & Collaboration Security

24 / 7 / 365 AI-powered, proactive email and collaboration protection

Today’s email threats are rapidly evolving, both in tactics and sophistication. Targeted victim attacks routinely bypass traditional security controls such as secure email gateways (SEGs), costing businesses billions of dollars in lost revenue each year.

You need to stay ahead of cybercriminals to protect your business and your data. Concertium’s advanced email and collaboration security solutions are designed to offer comprehensive protection for email borne cyber-attacks – before they reach the inbox.

Our AI-driven solution adapts in real-time to provide full-suite protection for your email infrastructure including collaboration environments (like Microsoft 365, Teams, Zoom, Dropbox, Google Workspace and more) with end-to-end protection against threats such as:

      • Cybercriminals posing as trusted contacts

      • Account Takeover (ATO)

      • Business Email Compromise (BEC)

      • Malware

      • Phishing

      • Ransomware

      • Spam


of cyberattacks arrive by email

Verizon’s 2021
Data Break Investigations Report

Our comprehensive approach isn’t just about technology. Our security experts guide your organization through implementing best practices such as:

      • Enabling Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA)

      • Enacting strong password policies

      • On-going employee training to recognize email threats

      • Monitoring email configurations for up-to-date protection

      • Implementing and administering threat hunting tools to simplify and automate remediation

      • Installing backup and flexible restore capabilities for system data and collaboration environments

Leveraging advanced email security protects your brand, reputation and limits your organization’s financial exposure.

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Threat Detection & Response

Comprehensive threat detection and management solutions
suited to your business needs

Concertium’s best-in-class threat detection and response solutions combine Sentinel One®​’s industry-leading platform, the expertise of our security engineers, 24/7 SOC monitoring, incident response and remediation services – all curated to fit your business’s unique security needs and maturity level.

We have flexible plans that can be executed for you or as an extension of your security team with 24/7/365 remote monitoring for your peace of mind.


of organizations have experienced one or more endpoint attacks that successfully compromised data and / or their IT infrastructure


Ponemon Institute’s 2020 State of Endpoint Security Risk

Managed Endpoint Detection & Response

Continuous, real-time visibility of endpoints

With the rise of bring-your-own-device (BYOD) and extended use of company and non-company devices outside the network, end-point security is more challenging than ever. And, while a distributed landscape provides new business opportunities, the growing number of endpoints increases risk – for your company and your data.


Endpoints continue to be a key point of attack for bad actors looking to gain deeper network access. Managed Endpoint Detection & Response (MDR) solutions provide comprehensive capabilities to detect, investigate and respond to threats.

Optimized by AI, our solution includes:

    • Proactive, high efficacy, actionable threat detection without the noise

    • Swift detection and containment of advanced threats with rapid response and time to value

    • Comprehensive understanding of system vulnerabilities and preventative solutions

    • Rapid, intuitive deployment and ease of use

    • Reduction of SOC burden by automating manual tasks with autocorrelation

    • Protection across local, distributed, and cloud-based environments

MDR can help your organization:

    • Maintain regulatory compliance

    • Avoid regulatory fines, damage to brand, and potential fiduciary penalties

    • Lower security costs

    • Increase productivity through a more efficient network and maximized user uptime

Managed Endpoint Detection and Response implemented as part of a holistic security regimen serves as your first line of defense and helps start the shift to a more proactive security stance.


Talk to one of our experts to learn more about MDR today.

Continuous Cyber Monitoring & Notification (SOC)

24/7 threat monitoring backed by a team of SOC experts

A strong defense against evolving cyber threats requires an “always-on” security mindset. But for many organizations with limited resources, shifting to a more proactive approach to threat detection can be difficult. It’s no surprise businesses are increasingly transitioning to an outsourced SOC to overcome the challenges brought on by limited budgets, the lack of trained security staff, and the constantly evolving threat technologies.

Our SOC-as-a-Service solution provides your company access to a team of specialists who are trained and certified in the best, most up-to-date cybersecurity practices, tools, and techniques. They understand the different types of cybersecurity attacks, compliance requirements, threat trends, and target vulnerabilities. Working with a managed SOC provides immediate security expertise, a quick ramp-up, and time and space to strategically approach and plan your security future.

When managing an active incident, companies need to execute specific steps from detection to investigation and response to remediation.

Our managed SOC team can provide clear documentation of the key processes, so you know your role and the role of your IT security staff. 

    • 24/7/365 threat monitoring and response

    • A fully-staffed team of security experts

    • Cutting-edge security intelligence

    • Scalability for your security practice

Concertium’s SOC and SOC teams are accredited and constantly up-skilling to provide the most advanced cybersecurity services. 

Our Accreditations

Talk to one of our cybersecurity professionals today to learn more about how our managed SOC solution can help your business grow.

Security Information & Event Management (SIEM)

Centralized threat visibility backed by cutting-edge threat intelligence

Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) tools aggregate real-time information from across the network into a “single pane” of visibility for security experts to view, analyze and act on threats. With all of the data on hand, event correlation and analytics are applied to gain deep visibility across the enterprise to understand the context and impact of an attack. This allows our team of skilled SOC analysts to quickly discern real threats from false positives and act to investigate and remediate.

SIEM centralized data collection and retention also enables streamlined and more cost effective regulatory and compliance reporting for PCI-DSS, GDPR, HIPAA, CCPA, FEDRAMP and more.

Concertium’s SIEM solution is an affordable, co-managed threat detection platform backed by our SOC. We scale to meet your business needs and security practice maturity.



Concertium helps your company:

    • Gain the expertise and coverage of a 24/7/365 SOC, allowing your staff to focus on growing your business

    • Gain early warning on trending threats

    • Ensure rapid threat containment and breach isolation

    • Streamline compliance reporting

    • Enable full security incident analysis and response

    • Empower a long-term security posture

    • Protect critical business assets and reputation

    • Flexible 30-, 90- and 360-day log retention

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Managed Network & Firewall

Control your traffic and enforce policies to keep your network secure

A managed firewall is your first line of defense against internet-based threats.


Firewalls aren’t “set it and forget it”. As your business changes and evolves, firewall policies and rules must continuously adapt to keep your business secure – which can be resource intensive. Concertium’s next-generation managed firewall solution removes the resource burden so you can focus on your business.

Our team handles all aspects of your firewall security including:

      • 24/7/365 intelligence-based threat protection

      • Around-the-clock device health reporting

      • Real-time security event monitoring, escalation, and resolution by our team of security experts

      • Rapid response to threats, connectivity issues and broken applications

      • End-to-end change management of rules and policies to match your evolving business needs:

– Firewall maintenance – keeping your firewall flexible and durable

– Firewall fine-tuning – enhancements and plug-ins applied as new safety advancements are available

– Patch management – managing new roll-outs efficiently to keep you safe and minimize downtime

An enterprise-grade shield for your company, for a fraction of the cost of a single security analyst.

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Cloud Security

Extending security to all aspects of your cloud-based infrastructure, applications and data

Cloud environments bring benefits like flexibility, scalability, and usability, but also create great challenges for those in charge of cybersecurity. Misconfigured cloud services are one of the top causes of data breaches.

Embracing the benefits and challenges requires a carefully considered and managed cloud monitoring and response strategy. Our managed cloud security team brings a comprehensive methodology to evaluating and managing cloud-based, virtual, and hybrid environments, with the expertise to act decisively.

Multi-factor Authentication (MFA):

Multi-factor authentication (MFA) adds a layer of protection to the sign-in process and helps protect your organization against security breaches by requiring two or more sets of credentials to safely login to accounts.

MFA allows companies to ensure not only their employees’ safety, but also the customers, partners, and vendors they interact with across all aspects of their business. Concertium’s team of security engineers can implement security measures designed to protect cloud-based infrastructure, applications, and data.

Advanced MFA:

In addition to cloud security for Office 365, Concertium also offers advanced MFA that combines authentication methods for advanced authentication and protection including:

    • SMS/email

    • Push notifications

    • QR code

    • Biometrics including facial recognition and fingerprint

    • One-time-password (OTP)

    • Cryptographic hardware options like Yubikey

    • Third-party MFA authenticator services like Google Authenticator, Microsoft Authenticator, Authy, etc.

Single Sign-On (SSO):

Single Sign-On is a user-authentication method that streamlines secure access to multiple applications using just one set of credentials. It sounds kind of like the less-secure traditional single factor authentication, but when SSO best practices are followed, a reliable SSO solution can hugely improve security.

Key benefits of SSO include:

    • Decreased attack surface: SSO eliminates password fatigue and poor password practices, making your business immediately less vulnerable to phishing threats

    • Seamless and secure user access: SSO provides real-time access insights, delivering information on when and where from user access applications, and enables the ability to immediately disable device access in the event of loss or theft.

    • Simplified user access auditing: Making sure that the right people have the right level of access to sensitive data and resources can be a challenge in constantly changing business environments. SSO solutions can be used to configure access rights based on role, department and level of security creating transparency and visibility into access levels at all times.

    • More Productive and Happier Employees: Users need quick and easy access to get their jobs done. SSO means efficiency gains and happier employees with immediate access to applications

Connect with us to learn more about which level(s) of cloud security are a good fit for your company.

Cloud Backup, Disaster Recovery & Business Continuity:

Cloud backup services allow the storage of data for archival or recovery purposes. Backup is important, but only part of a strategy, as software, applications, and settings that allow for full functionality are typically not included in cloud backup processes – only data.

    • Private Cloud: Private cloud services (also known as internal or enterprise cloud) are used exclusively for your organization and are not exposed to the public. The cloud itself is situated inside the organization, protected by a firewall, so only the company and it’s users have access.

    • Public Cloud: Third-party providers such as Office 365, AWS, and Google offer public cloud services via the public internet – available for use or purchase to anyone.

    • Hybrid Cloud: Hybrid cloud is a blend of on-premise, private cloud, and public cloud services with interplay among the platforms. For some businesses, this creates the best of all worlds.

Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity:

Disaster recovery is the ability to fully restore or recover all data, software, and functionality without corruption to resume uninterrupted business. “Disasters” are not relegated to large-scale, natural events. Any event that impedes your ability to do business.

Business continuity is the ability of your business to continue operations after any disaster, as defined in a set of operational processes and actions that include recovery of both your data, applications and functionality.

Concertium’s data security experts work with your teams to develop a comprehensive data strategy including backup, disaster recovery, and integration with your business continuity plan – focused on the tolerance for downtime based on your industry and for your company.


Reach out to our team to learn more about our backup, disaster recovery and business continuity services.


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User Education & Awareness

From passwords to phishing, our team prepares yours

Concertium believes in helping you build a security-first culture – one that includes continuous cycles of assessment, education, reinforcement, and evaluation to maximize learning and lengthen retention.

Our program uses behavioral science-based techniques that fundamentally transform employee engagement compared to traditional methods. Our innovative training operatives deliver security and compliance training in bite-sized, but memorable stories based on real-world cyber attacks.

Our methodology prioritizes current areas of need and evolves and adapts over time with your business and your users. We identify areas of susceptibility and deliver targeted training when and where it is most needed.

We include training on the following security topics:

    • Phishing

    • Password-strengthening protocols

    • Password management reuse

    • Ransomware

    • Malware

    • Information security best-practices

    • Removable media

    • Social engineering

    • Physical security

    • Browser security

    • Incident response

    • Mobile device security

    • Locking devices

    • Business Email Compromise

    • Clean Desk

    • Confidential information

    • Social media

    • Account Takeover

    • Spam

    • Gift card scams

Included in our training regimen are simulated phishing attacks to keep employees alert. With our programmatic approach to security awareness, we identify employees who may need additional training or support and work with them individually.

The best prevention is through continuous training of employees, keeping them updated on known threats, and ensuring anti-phishing efforts are top of mind.

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Application Security

Periodic code review and monitoring of software for potential security intrusions

As applications get more complex, and the volume of apps continues to climb, finding and fixing vulnerabilities gets harder. As such a “security first” approach should be taken for application development – from planning through deployment – and beyond. Without an effective approach to secure application development and use, you run the risk of breaches that can impact your company’s reputation and bottom line.

By 2025,


of attacks against containers will be from known vulnerabilities and misconfiguration that could have been remediated.


Gartner MQ 2021 for Application Security Testing

  • Concertium’s Application Managed Services (AMS) and DevOps services provide ongoing support for your applications including:
    • Routine maintenance and monitoring

    • Bug-fixes

    • Releasing patches

    • IT enhancements

    • Code level checking

    • Database optimization

    • Ongoing security scanning

    • Server performance maintenance

    • Application and database performance monitoring

Our highly skilled AMS and DevOps teams have expertise across different suites of applications and programming languages and have the necessary database expertise to manage applications, even those proprietary to your business.


Our AMS Services include:

Application Vulnerability Scanning:

Scanning your web applications and databases for vulnerabilities is a security measure that is not optional in today’s threat landscape. Our team will scan your assets for leading vulnerabilities including OWASP Top 10, CORS, Amazon S3 Bucket and DNS misconfigurations.

Web applications are more difficult to protect than traditional applications that reside behind a firewall. Web application security needs to have a firm methodology that starts with running automated web application scanning programs that search for software vulnerabilities within:

    • Single-page applications (SPAs)

    • Script-heavy sites

    • Applications built with HTML5 and JavaScript

    • Password-protected, and other hard-to-reach areas

Secure Code Review:

Our secure source code review can find vulnerabilities that go undetected during development or via traditional application testing since our process is a comprehensive dive, combining automated and manual tactics, into the software design. Our team then works to implement measures to harden the code, making it more secure. A special area of focus for our team is ensuring that updated, secure code meets regulatory and compliance requirements (such as PCI DSS, HIPAA, etc.).

Legacy Application Modernization:

Upgrading older software to newer languages, frameworks, infrastructure, and platforms provides improvements to efficiency, safety, and structural integrity without retiring, and losing your original investment. Application modernization extends the lifespan and ROI of your applications.

Let Concertium’s experienced development team secure, manage or enhance your proprietary business application.


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