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At our core, we are a data company. Everything we do is about data…whether it’s maintaining and hosting the infrastructure that houses your company data, integrating the data from disparate sources to provide you with actionable insights or analyzing that data to identify and execute digital transformation strategies.

We are a next generation information technology “managed services provider” that operates under the principle that technology is no longer just an infrastructure solution but that it can be leveraged to provide true competitive advantage for a company.  We believe that leveraging technology to grow your business and create an advantage over your competitors should not be the exclusive realm of large corporations.

What We Do

Our product and service offerings are organized across three key themes, Manage IT, Integrate IT and Transform IT.

Manage IT describes our core managed services offering that includes managing your technology infrastructure, security, data migration, back-up, web hosting and help desk.  It also includes our proprietary IT management dashboard that gives you a 24/7 look into your technology resources.

Integrate IT represents the next step in your technology evolution and is based on our proprietary middleware product, Agile Fabric and our proprietary dashboard, Captain’s Chair.  When fully implemented, the Integrate IT suite provides an integrated view of your data from all of your key information systems, whether it be SAAS software, such as Salesforce, off the shelf software or your custom developed software to help you and your team manage and grow your business.

Transform IT is the final evolution in your digital transformation.  It describes a collection of custom services that can transform your business to uncover deep insights from your data, make your business more competitive, improve your product or service offering or operate more efficiently.  Through our vCIO offering, you can leverage a high-level technology and strategy partner at a fraction of the cost of a professional Chief Information Officer.  Our professional vCIO’s can guide you through upgrading your entire IT infrastructure, designing custom integration and workflow systems and next level business intelligence to uncover valuable strategic insights from your data.  With our custom offshore development capabilities, we can implement and manage a cost-effective information technology strategy to transform your business.

If you are prepared to take the next step in your company’s evolution, we look forward to showing you what Concertium can do for your business.

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Concertium’s leadership is comprised of a varied and accomplished team with a wide range of skill sets. Their expertise helps us guide you and your business on the path to success and growth through actionable insights and reliable service.

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