Third-Party Audit Readiness

Prepare for a third-party audit by proactively ensuring your business meets industry security standards and compliance requirements.
Penetration Testing

Make sure your business is adequately prepared for your upcoming third-party audit or assessment.

In today’s interconnected business environment, compliance audits and assessments are being required for organizations of all sizes, regardless of scale or industry, to ensure they are enforcing security control policies and meeting regulatory requirements.
At Concertium, we are experienced and familiar with the best practices of third-party compliance audits and will proactively help you prepare and establish a solid posture for the best possible outcome going of an audit.

Key Points

Focus Areas

Dive into our core competencies and learn about our main strengths.

Data Security

Examination of network access control, encryption practices, data security during storage and transmission, ensuring that your organization’s sensitive data is adequately protected

Operational Security

Assessment of the effectiveness of security policies, procedures, and controls in place within your organization to ensure they align with industry best practices.

Network Security

Evaluation of your network infrastructure and associated security controls, the configuration of your security operations center (SOC), antivirus systems, security monitoring capabilities, and other network security measures.

System Security

Assessment of the security measures implemented within your systems and examines processes for system hardening, patch management, privileged account management, and role-based access control.

Physical Security

various aspects, including disk encryption, role-based access controls, biometric data security, and multi-factor authentication.

End-to-end change management of rules and policies to match

Expected Results
Identified Security Gaps

Gain insight into potential vulnerability gaps in security measures

Ensured Compliance

Reduce risk of non-compliance and associated consequences

Strengthened Business Continuity Plan

Enhance the ability to withstand and recover from cyber incidents

Enforced Training and Awareness

Empowers staff to be proactive in safeguarding sensitive information

Improved Confidence

Build trust and confidence among your customers and stakeholders

Why Concertium?

From consulting and management to implementation and execution, we orchestrate the expertise, technology, and services to deliver a solution for your unique business needs.
| Expertise

Our team of skilled professionals understands the evolving cybersecurity landscape and its critical role in protecting your valuable assets, including network infrastructure, data security, system configurations, and compliance with industry regulations.

| Ongoing Support

We emphasize the importance of ongoing compliance. Our solutions and professional services help you navigate the complex landscape of regulatory requirements to meet industry standards and compliance with relevant frameworks.
| Holistic Approach

We go beyond merely identifying vulnerabilities. Whether updating security policies, implementing robust access controls, or enhancing incident response procedures, we work closely with your team to develop tailored risk management strategies that align with your unique business objectives.

Our Approach

Focus Areas

At Concertium, we are experienced and familiar with the best practices of third-party compliance audits and will proactively help you prepare and establish a solid posture for the best possible outcome going of an audit.


Defining the Scope of the Audit

We help you clearly understand the defined objectives, boundaries, and areas to be assessed in the cybersecurity audit.


Providing Necessary Resources

We help to ensure the auditor can access the required resources, such as network diagrams, system documentation, and security policies.


Auditing Relevant Compliance Standards

We help your business align your cybersecurity with relevant compliance standards, regulations, and industry best practices.


Detailing the Network Structure

We help your business understand and document the organization’s network structure, including all interconnected systems, devices, and access points.


Detecting & Recording Risks & Vulnerabilities

We help deploy robust scanning and testing techniques to detect risks and vulnerabilities in the organization’s systems and networks.


Assessing Existing Cyber Risk Management Performance

We help evaluate the organization’s existing risk management processes and practices, such as incident response plans, disaster recovery procedures, and security awareness training.


Prioritizing Risk Responses

We help develop a risk response plan that prioritizes mitigating identified risks and vulnerabilities, assigning responsibilities, and allocating resources to promptly address the most critical issues.


Enforcing Ongoing Monitoring

As cybersecurity threats and technologies evolve rapidly, we help your business stay abreast of the latest security trends to proactively identify new risks, address emerging threats, and adapt security measures accordingly.


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