Industrial and Manufacturing Services

Industrial and Manufacturing
Industry Overview

The manufacturing industry faces a host of challenges.

These include:

      • Tighter manufacturing budgets and timelines

      • Technology adoption and labor shortages

      • Digitization and communication

General managers need to cut costs and shrink their schedules. Across the manufacturing industry, business owners need to find news tools that help get the job done. Technology is needed to make companies more efficient to compensate for compressed schedules. At the end of the day, manufacturing managers need to do more work with less time and less money. Adding the support of a Managed Services Provider (MSP) is an affordable solution for manufacturing companies to help them hit their goals and satisfy their customers.

Manufacturing Industry Case Study

In 2019, we began assisting a Tampa Bay manufacturer of commercial doors and frames serving the southeastern United States. The company has facilities in Tampa, Orlando, and Brooksville, Florida. They operate a machine shop staffed by experienced craftsmen who fulfill complex requests. Their experienced staff of sales representatives are full-service architectural hardware consultants who take your job from bid to completion, supplying you with the highest quality products available. They required technical assistance from an IT managed service provider (MSP) like Concertium.

Manufacturing Industry Case Study

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