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Construction Services

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Construction Services Overview

The construction industry faces a host of challenges.

 These include:

Tighter construction budgets and timelines
Technology adoption and labor shortages
Digitization and communication

General managers need to cut costs and shrink their schedules. Across the construction industry, business owners need to find news tools that help get the job done. Technology is needed to make companies more efficient to compensate for compressed schedules. At the end of the day, construction managers need to do more work with less time and less money. Adding the support of a Managed Services Provider (MSP) is an affordable solution for construction companies to help them hit their goals and satisfy their customers.
Construction Services

Construction Industry Case Study

Explore how modern technologies and approaches are transforming the construction industry; a closer look at a real-world example.

A mid-sized construction company in Tampa Bay was referred to Concertium by one of their employees familiar with our services. The initial reason for contacting us was to have us “on-call” for traditional break/fix work that all small businesses require.

In the past, they had utilized a part-time contractor who assisted them upon request, however, he was not always available when problems arose. This is a common situation with SMB companies, who do not have the budget to employ a full-time IT staff member.

Construction Industry Case Study

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