Top 3 firewall providers

A firewall is crucial to protect your web application from the majority of external attacks. There are many firewall service providers, and each has unique features and benefits, so you can choose which service provider will fulfill your needs best. Let’s take a look one by one at the top 3 firewall providers that are the most popular in the industry.

Top 3 firewall providers:

The following are some firewall service providers that will protect various devices and their applications from cybersecurity threats.


The barracuda web application protects APIs, mobile apps, and other software from a number of attacks like zero-day threats, data leakage, and (DOS) attacks. Barracuda firewall can defeat the most sophisticated of attacks that can target your web applications

Benefits of Barracuda:

The following are some of the benefits of using Barracuda firewall protection.

Comprehensive protection

Barracuda provides comprehensive protection. It will give you Extensive inbound protection and outbound data theft protection against hackers. They also provide services like integrated Anti-virus scanning and integrated authentication that make their protection comprehensive.

Easy management

Barracuda is very easy to manage. It will be up and running in just one or two days. Barracuda has a centralized management system from there you can maintain the protection of your web applications.

Enhanced application delivery

Barracuda also enhances application delivery by Load balancing and SSL offloading. Barracuda also has methods to make applications run faster than before.

Features of barracuda

  • Built for Ground security and designed for reverse proxy deployment.
  • Provides validation for HTTP/HTTPS/FTP protocol
  • Provides L4/L7 load balancing


Fortinet launched its FortiGate firewall in 2002 and is one of the leading firewall services providing companies. Fortinet provides protection to data centers, enterprises, and distributed offices.

Benefits of Fortinet:

The following are some of the benefits of using FortiGate firewall protection.

Easy to configure

FortiGate firewall is very easy to manage through its user-friendly GUI. You can gain access to all its key features through a centralized command system without any difficulty.


You will not find better cost-effective firewall protection than FortiGate. Not only they are cheap, but they provide reliable security, so you do not have to worry about any cybersecurity threats.

Gives you full protection

Fortinet is way more than just a UTM firewall. It provides multilayered security and deep visibility for end-to-end protection across any platform. The firewall also integrates with other Fortinet security products to provide endpoint, application, data center, and third-party solutions.

Features of Fortinet

  • It has various VoIP security features and has WAN optimization
  • Email filtering to provide protection against gray ware and spam
  • Advance Bata leak prevention methods


Cisco is a firewall providing company. Its next-generation firewalls are composed of Adaptive security appliances and other software modules that perform functions like application control, anti-malware protection, and URL filtering effectively.

Benefits of Cisco firewall

The following are some of the benefits of using Cisco firewall protection.

Provides next-generation security

Cisco firewall has various features that include next-generation security to protect corporate networks and business. Cisco combines the traditional firewall features with other device filtering functionalities to provide maximum security.

Deep web filtering

Cisco firewall performs deep web filtering to provide protection against any (DOS) attacks. It will automatically detect any potential threats and block them before they can cause a problem.

Easy to use

Cisco firewall is very easy to use and manage. You can configure your firewall according to your specific requirements from the centralized management system. You can also access other features like site-to-site VPN very easily through the control panel.

Features of Cisco firewall

  • SSL and SSH inspection
  • Intrusion prevention
  • Application and malware identification and filtering.

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In this era of advanced technology, the potential threats to your web applications and other network systems have increased exponentially. The above is some of the best firewall service providers that will provide you protection against these threats.

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