Vulnerability Risk Management

Application-specific and web-application attacks are posing a significant threat to most organizations. Concertium guards your network against security vulnerabilities before they can cause damage. Whether it’s through analyzing your risk or testing application penetration, we get ahead of every threat in order to protect your business.

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Vulnerability Risk Assessment & Analysis
Application Penetration Testing

Vulnerability Risk Assessment & Analysis

Harden your network against security vulnerabilities before they become a problem

Hackers are constantly seeking out vulnerabilities in your systems. Shouldn’t you find them first to identify weak points and close them before any damage can be done? Enter Concertium’s Vulnerability Risk Assessment & Analysis.

Our Vulnerability Assessments are essential because they reveal the weaknesses that make your data vulnerable to attacks. They help identify and report potential threats in real time, before it’s too late. To lockin constant protection, Concertium’s team of cyber security experts uses automated tracking tools and manual auditing of software and network infrastructures to thwart breaches, exposure of sensitive data, and regulatory compliance violations.

First, we’ll determine the most pressing vulnerabilities in your network and prioritize them for remediation. Then, we’ll validate whether or not those vulnerabilities have been successfully closed, and guide you as you continue to strengthen your risk management processes.

 Concertium’s comprehensive vulnerability assessments include:


    • Critical Data Protection – Prevent and eliminate data breaches and unauthorized access. Reduce your financial liability by reducing data exposure.

    • Continuous Compliance – Establish baseline compliance status across one or more regulatory frameworks (HIPAA, PCI, NIST, CMMC, etc.).

    • User Behavior Safeguards – Assess the cybersecurity hygiene of your users (e.g., password storage, sensitive information, secure WiFi connections) and educate them on why and how they can improve.

    • Actionable Insights – Gain critical insight and perspective to confidently make informed, data-driven decisions to reduce financial risk and enhance your security posture.

    • Cost-effective Resolution – Identify how to resolve issues without having to invest in additional staff, technology, or expensive training.

Vulnerability Assessment is a critical first step for any organization that’s serious about hardening its security defenses. Ready to learn how getting ahead of threats can help your business? Schedule a Free Security Assessment with a Concertium security consultant.

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Application Penetration Testing

Code review and software monitoring that thwarts application-specific attacks

The rising tide of application-specific and web-application attacks is proving a difficult obstacle for global organizations. In fact, 50% of all sites were vulnerable to at least one serious exploitable vulnerability throughout 2021, according to a new report by NTT Application Security.  These threats have become increasingly complex, with attackers specifically going after vulnerabilities in applications and cloud-based platforms to gain access to critical data and systems.

Concertium’s Application Penetration Testing for web services is an important tool that focuses on key vulnerabilities in existing web-facing cyber assets and systems.

Our penetration testing simulates hacker attacks—both internal and external—and uncovers exploitable vulnerabilities that invite access to sensitive data via the internet, cloud services, email servers and websites.

Penetration Testing is a critical weapon in your security arsenal as it:


  • Identifies unknown vulnerabilities in cloud and web-based applications.

  • Checks the effectiveness of overall security policies.

  • Tests the components exposed publicly like firewalls, routers, and DNS.

  • Finds the most vulnerable route through which an attack can be made.

  • Uncovers loopholes that can lead to the theft of sensitive data.

Getting ahead of application-specific threats is critical. Want to see how Application Penetration Testing can secure your web-facing systems? Schedule a free consultation with a Concertium security consultant.

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