Subscriptions & Licenses

Concertium can help you manage all your Microsoft license-based subscriptions under our Cloud Solution Provider (CSP) program. There are many benefits of having your Office 365 licenses and Azure plan managed by our team:

  • Management – we take the hassle out of adding, assigning and cancelling licenses when new employees are added or terminated
  • Flexibility – you only pay for what you want or use. For example, if you want to increase your license for a project or peak in business and then drop it again the next month you can. Under a monthly CSP, you have the flexibility to alter your subscription in numbers and services each month.
  • Enhanced Support – Our team will look after all your Microsoft cloud licenses and provide access to our expertise and skills so you can maximize your investment. Under our CSP, we also provide access to enhanced Microsoft customer product support.
  • Monthly Billing – Each month you will receive a bill for the O365 licenses and/or Azure consumption you have used in a single invoice. There is no need to keep a credit card on file.

It’s easy to transition your subscriptions and licenses to our CSP, there is no need to reassign licenses and there is no disruption to the end user.

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