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Custom software development and Application Managed Services / DevOps


Too often businesses find themselves with outdated legacy or third-party applications or lack the internal talent to build and maintain truly innovative software solutions. With more than 25 years of experience, we understand that software is built to meet specific business needs and we develop solutions to meet those needs in the most cost effective and efficient manner possible. Concertium’s custom development solutions, available to existing MSSP clients, offers access to infrastructure and services that would otherwise be cost prohibitive to acquire and require an increase in staff to manage. Let our experienced development team manage or enhance your proprietary business applications.

Concertium’s Application Managed Services (AMS) and DevOps services provide ongoing support for your applications, from routine maintenance and monitoring, to releasing patches, bug-fixes and IT enhancements. Our highly skilled AMS/DevOps experts each specialize in different suites of apps and programming languages and have the necessary database expertise to manage applications, even those custom-build for your business.

application management

AMS solutions we provide:

  • Database Management – Keep your database secure, available, and reliable by shifting 24/7/365 database monitoring and support tasks to an expert MSSP like Concertum, allowing your IT staff to focus on strategic priorities that drive your business forward.
  • Application Support – Leverage Concertium’s software maintenance services to improve app performance and reduce costs.

Hiring an AMS provider mitigates risks by ensuring that your company’s apps are still maintained in the event an employee leaves. Allowing Concertium to manage your AMS will free your internal teams to focus on more pressing projects while ensuring that your company’s functions (via apps) operate as intended.

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Custom software development

Access the talent, resources, and expertise needed to build custom software outsourcing solutions (including mobile and a full stack web application development) that fully support business operations, ensure seamless user experience, and empower business innovation.

Our specialties

custom software development

Application customization and configuration

Our team can help customize and configure commercial off-the-shelf business applications to ensure they meet your unique needs.

Legacy application modernization

Don’t let obsolete systems slow down your growth. Accelerate legacy software modernization to take advantage of modern technologies, reduce costs, and drive digital transformation.

On-Demand highly skilled staff

We provide you with highly trained English-speaking Project Managers that eliminate traditional hurdles of working with outsourcing service providers. And as your needs change, we offer flexibility and scalability with access to our team of qualified solution architects, developers, QA/Testers and project managers who are ready to solve your most complex challenges.

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Concertium’s managed cyber security services use a multi-layered defense strategy to protect your business from every angle. We partner to keep you more secure and your business free to scale and grow.

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