Small business costs of server downtime

Small business costs to server downtime

Running a small business is complex. For many reasons, storing your data and company website on cloud servers is secure and cost effective.  However, you cannot afford to lose a minute of revenue to server downtime. Business owners need a technology partner who understands these issues.  Here are some of the facts about server downtime that are linked to the business costs of a business that is running online:

Servers run on a computer system:

A server is actually a computer system that is hooked up to the internet and is always uploading a certain file on the internet. Users – or website surfers – are able to access content from the computer system through the use of a website. For example, the website you are currently reading this article on is stored on a cloud computer system.  You are only able to read this content because the “server” or the computer is showing this information to you.

Servers cost money:

Because of what we said before that servers are technically computers; they will cost some sort of money. Even if a business is hosting the server on their own computer systems – which only a small fraction of people can do, these servers will still need some sort of power and need to be upgraded or repaired every now and then. Thus, there is always a maintenance cost for computers that a business already owns.

  • For the majority of businesses, through the use of cloud computers, such as those provided by Amazon Web Services (AWS) or similar platforms – is the best option.
  • These servers will cost them anywhere between a few hundred to even thousands of dollars on an annual basis just to run.

How is small business cost linked to server downtime?

Most of the cloud computer services cost businesses money for the amount of time they are active. For example, they will cost a few dollars an hour for a very strong computer system that is being used as a server. For local servers, the cost of electricity is counted for every second.

  • Server downtime refers to the fact that computer systems will be turned off for that downtime.
  • This can help small business save valuable money on a lot of services.
  • This is perhaps one of the reasons why many small businesses’ websites are down for some time during the day.

Though this trend is slowly dying out, this trend still stands strong, even today.

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We hope that this article on small business costs to server downtime was able to help shed light on the importance of server downtime for saving small businesses a lot of valuable money.

Through the use of analytics and other trends-based software, any business can figure out when they will actually be benefitting from server downtime.  Also, these tools can be used to determine when they are absolutely required to keep the server open. Through the use of special automation software, this can be made possible without even requiring human interference.

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