Shield Watch Launches Captain's Chair, rebrands to Concertium

Shield Watch to become Concertium as company launches powerful new software-as-a-service solution for IT decision-makers

TAMPA, Fla. – February 11, 2019 – Shield Watch today announces its global rebrand to Concertium, a company focused on connecting people with data and devices to power digital transformation. Concertium will mark its public debut with the launch of Captain’s Chair IT, one of the industry’s foremost solutions for providing IT leaders and decision-makers with unprecedented visibility into information that can help turn insights into action.

Captain’s Chair IT is the Company’s first step toward providing business intelligence through an always-on “single pane of glass” dashboard display that allows users to visualize and access data from multiple data sources on the same screen. This innovative solution features an integrated data feed built with an always-on view, eliminating the need for users to log on to disparate data sources to access critical information.

The technology offers its customers the ability to access information about their network and IT assets through desktops or mobile devices previously only available to MSP service teams. Captain’s Chair IT allows the user to configure discreet user roles for advanced access control and increased relevance.

“Because we fully manage our client’s infrastructure, from on-site devices, cloud-based ervices to custom software applications, even a client that considers themselves “low-tech” can become more efficient using technology like Captain’s Chair,” said Pratik Roychoudhury, CEO and president of Concertium. “Greater efficiency driven by our proprietary technology will help our clients become more competitive in today’s economy and boost bottom-line performance.”

The new brand, Concertium, will be fully focused on harnessing the power of data to create a sustainable, competitive technological advantage for its customers. The Concertium managed IT infrastructure is thoughtfully designed to help enterprises achieve their digital transformation goals to gain an edge in today’s increasingly competitive marketplace.

“When it comes to technology, the only constant is change, and the rate of change is getting faster and faster every day,” adds Roychoudhury. “It isn’t enough for managed service providers to help enterprises “manage” their company’s technology. Today’s providers need to be helping enterprises use technology to gain a competitive advantage. This is the mission behind Concertium. We are a digital transformation company.”

Roychoudhury explains, “Concertium is one of the first in its category to help mid-market clients harness technology and data-driven insights to transform the way they do business. Our singular focus is on arming our customers with the right technology and data to be the disruptors in their respective industries.”

Concertium and the company’s new product, Captain’s Chair, is geared towards mid-sized enterprises that have between 20 and 500 desktops.

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About Concertium

Concertium is a leading provider of next generation managedIT & Security services for mid-sized enterprises. Built to power digital transformation, the Company provides software integration services, custom software development and virtual CIO services to help enterprises gain a competitive edge through technology.  Through its innovativeSaaS solution, Captain’s Chair IT, Concertium further enables its customers to visualize and access data from disparate hardware, cloud and software sources in real-time on a single pane of glass.

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