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Santiago Casal

With more than 22 years’ experience solving complex problems using practical technology driven solutions, Santiago understands the full scope of IT challenges and how to drive appropriate return on investment by properly intersecting business needs through appropriate technical application. As the Chief Technology Officer, Santiago oversees several key areas including Concertium’s Engineering, Network Operations, Cloud services, and Service Desk groups. Along with staying current with all the new technology trends, Santiago’s passion is derived from a customer centric focus to ensure that our clients’ needs are being met effectively.

Prior to joining Concertium, Santiago served as the Managing Director of Technology at MediaLab 3D Solutions. Previously, he held Senior IT Leadership roles at Bridgeline Digital, Magnetic Inc, & Hillsborough Kids Inc.

Concertium’s managed cyber security services use a multi-layered defense strategy to protect your business from every angle. We partner to keep you more secure and your business free to scale and grow.

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