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Remote monitoring & management services

Concertium’s proactive remote IT monitoring and maintenance platform in conjunction with our Operations Center based in Tampa, FL allows us to monitor, identify and fix critical system health and performance issues, in real-time.
remote monitoring

We have a fully staffed Network Operations Center that is watching, validating alerts, and responding to issues 24/7/365 — all offered on a service basis. Our customizable remote monitoring and management platform is built to support any kind of device your organization may utilize.

Need reliable IT support today?

Improve network and server reliability with:

  • Customized monitoring to meet your needs
  • Preventative network maintenance
  • Proactive monitoring (work hours, holidays, weekend and off-hours for ‘always on operations
  • 24/7 Operations Center assistance
  • Help Desk Support for end-users

With three monitoring and management service levels, you can find exactly the right level of service you need to reduce business costs and system disruptions – while improving system performance.

remote monitoring2

Option A: 24/7 remote monitoring only

Concertium proactively monitors critical system information in real-time from our customized monitoring systems and fully staffed, local Operations Center. Our expert team works as an extension of your team to locate and correct small issues before they become large problematic system failures.

Why 24/7 monitoring?

Real-time visibility – Proactively monitor network and servers in real-time for full visibility on health and performance. IT department has a better view about what is going on inside systems to ensure optimal performance.

Reduced downtime – Eliminate downtime and the associated costs with 24/7/365, proactive monitoring and maintenance. Identify and resolve issues before they become devastating network problems

Increased performance – With real-time performance and health monitoring, eliminate problems that cause your systems to run slow or completely go offline. Higher employee productivity with 100% availability.

Free up IT staff- 24/7/365 Monitoring and Management offloads tedious tasks off your internal IT staff. This enables you to turn their focus back to revenue generating projects instead of pesky operational tasks.

Option B: Monitoring, patching & server maintenance

An extension to our 24/7 IT monitoring that includes patching. Patch releases can be very tedious and time consuming. To defer a lot of risk in your servers, it is important to keep your systems up to date. Relinquish the management and administrative overhead from your current IT staff to our team of engineers. Concertium’s Server Maintenance is intended to keep your servers updated and running smoothly to ensure that your network is operating with high productivity and efficiency.

Option C: Add flexible on-demand IT support

We are here for you when planned – or unplanned – technical issues need to be resolved. That’s why we provide Concertium’s Monitoring and Maintenance customers the option of leveraging our flexible on-demand support.

On-Demand IT Support can be billed on a retainer or as-needed basis. Whether you have some extra hours placed into your contract for unplanned issues or need to contact us when something comes up – we are here to support your staff on a short notice.

Concertium’s managed cyber security services use a multi-layered defense strategy to protect your business from every angle. We partner to keep you more secure and your business free to scale and grow.

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