Remote Monitoring Management Systems

Your business is never too small to employ basic security tools.  Companies with as few as 20-50 employees are still large enough and growing fast enough to attract the attention of hackers, phishers, and ransomware attacks. Utilizing an MSP to deploy a Remote Monitoring Management system (RMM) will help in monitoring and managing your cloud security remotely.

We currently have Remote Monitoring Management systems in place for a number of customers who are not in our area. It’s an affordable option for small and medium businesses (SMB’s) who want a maintenance only agreement and provides for:

  • Deployment of security tools, monitoring and patching on all workstations
  • Deployment of security tools, monitoring and patching on servers
  • Managing the network for the site
  • Access to Captains Chair IT
  • Customer access to Streamline IT which enables customers to use our ticketing system

You basically get access to all of the features of a full managed services agreement, except that engineering support for tickets are pay as you go, which is a wildly affordable option for SMB’s.

Top 3 Remote Monitoring Management system providers:

You can find many companies providing RMM services but here are the top 3 that offer high-end and trustworthy services. Trust requires because you are going to give someone access to your personal business details.

1. Solarwinds

No one would like to get tangled in different software and looks for a more convenient choice than the RMM system from this place is all about keeping your business data and operations in a single software.

Benefits of Solarwinds:

Top benefits are given below.

MAC & Windows:

If you have both MAC and Windows system in your office doesn’t mean you have to have different software for both systems. Run this RMM system for both MAC & Windows systems smoothly.

IT access:

Even someone else is managing your business operations but you will have access to your IT system and check whether everything is working fine.

Safe & secure:

It is completely safe from outsider’s access. This RMM will keep your business details from viruses and any malware.

Features of Solarwinds:

  • Works both for MAC and Windows software
  • Help in managing data remotely
  • Getting and having a backup of your data convenient
  • Protect your data from virus

2. Ninja

This RMM helps in managing data and looks for any problem. This system will help in finding problems and then with the solution.

Benefits of Ninja:

Some unique benefits are given below.

Maintain, monitor, and alert:

It will maintain your data and then monitor it that everything is working perfectly. If anything, wrong happens then the system will alert you instantly.

Manage network:

It will keep your network that consists of devices, printers, and every other device in a manner.

Works as a good antivirus:

Don’t worry about your data because it has an antivirus that will keep your data and system update and away from viruses.

Features of Ninja

  • Help in improving your business with time
  • It will alert you when something gets wrong with your data
  • Maintain networking like different devices
  • With the help of a mobile application, you can monitor your IT system

3. Atera

If you are just a start-up or working on a medium scale but still you require RMM services then you have it from this place. As they will help in maintaining your system and you will also have access to every system.

Benefits of Atera:

Some of the top benefits are given below.


The software requires updates from time to time and if not taken care of at time then it might behave badly towards your data. But whenever the will get updated whenever required so you don’t have to worry about its working.


The system will maintain a healthy CRM because it will respond to every client’s complaint and provide them with the solution.

Manage data:

Keeping data of every project whether currently working on it or any past project is important. Managing data manually is a bit difficult but RMM helps in maintaining such data.

Features of Atera:

  • Best for small MSPs working on a small or medium scale
  • You will have remote access to your IT systems
  • It will help in billing and invoicing procedures
  • Notifies you when an update is required

Concertium can provide a free IT assessment

The remote work feature of RMM will help the IT people to look over your sensitive system carrying business details and you can focus on the outcome and you can focus on the business competencies.

If you would like to hear more about how Concertium can support your business and its technology infrastructure, let’s schedule a free IT assessment call with our CEO and CTO to learn more about your business and current technology needs.