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Our Story

Concertium is a fullservice cyber and managed security services provider to growing organizations, helping our clients adopt healthy cybersecurity practices in an evolving digital landscape. Drawing on over 25 years of experience partnering with midsize businesses, enterprises and institutions, we mobilize our people, technologies and ideas to advance the success of our clients, improving security posture and accelerating outcomes.
We are a trusted partner to private, government, and public sector organizations. We bring seasoned, engineerled expertise to endeavors such as cloud security and migrations, improving cyber postures, incident response & remediation, and gaining efficiency through complete managed security services. Customers rely on our ShieldWatch suite of cybersecurity services for guidance, protection, mitigation and remediation in an increasingly complex and challenging threat environment.
Our partnering approach empowers CSuite and Boards to run the business while we expertly design, deploy, and manage a comprehensive security frame work for your infrastructure and digital environments.

How We’re Different


We understand complex issues from various perspectives and provide valuable, meaningful information to our stakeholders.


We create actionable roadmaps to reach your objectives. We architect, configure, and optimize your existing security technologies before adding new ones. 


We are proactive and adaptable to changing circumstances while striving to continuously improve.

Value Added

We provide products and services that exceed expectations and produce positive, useful results.


Control is yours. You get 360 insights and reporting into all critical components of your technology infrastructure through our ShieldWatch suite of cybersecurity services.

Meet Our Leadership Team

Carren Rieger

Carren Rieger

President & CEO

Santiago Casal

Santiago Casal

Chief Technology Officer

Christopher Hoard

Christopher Hoard

Technical Operations Manager

Jack Mahoney

Jack Mahoney


Our purpose comes to life through our four core values:

Client Service:

We lead with a service mindset, enabling us to anticipate and adapt to the needs of our customers.


A discipline and an outcome.


We seek to consistently build trust in every interaction by conducting ourselves in a helpful and honest manner—one conversation, one action, one follow-through at a time.


We prioritize collaboration, creating a culture of teamwork and an entrepreneurial mindset.

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As your strategic, next-gen managed cybersecurity partner, we meet you where you are today. By helping align business needs to a maturing cybersecurity practice - we help unleash accelerated growth potential.