Office 365 Collaboration Tools

The advancements in technology have made this world a lot faster than before. Not only in processing speeds, the sharing and collaborating fields have also significantly got better because of the advanced technologies. Additionally, the current situation of the world needs people to work remotely from their homes. This is the time where collaboration between different employees and team members needs a lot of support. There are a lot of tools that are helping people by providing effective collaborative support. But almost all of them have this issue where they are not interconnected. An overview of the Office 365 collaboration tools that are very helpful for working remotely are included:


Outlook overview:

This is a tool that comes with Microsoft office. The main purpose of this tool is personal management for different tasks and managing emails as well. Are you the person who often forgets about certain events on a regular basis?

If yes, then this will be the perfect tool for you because it can make all the information about your life routine and it can alert you for the important events in your busy routine.


Features of Outlook

  • Email Client.
  • Personal calendar management.
  • Contact management.
  • Task management.
  • Notes management.
  • Journal logging.

SharePoint overview:

SharePoint is a platform that allows users to work in teams on different files and documents and they can make portals where documents can be mutually accessed, shared, and edited. Other than sharing, this can also act as a great way to store and manage different files that are under the action of the whole team.

Features of SharePoint:

  • Password protected shared portals.
  • Data management.
  • Data organizing.

Teams overview:

As different members of a team need to work in collaboration, emails are not enough. It is because, at some point, the whole team needs to be connected at the runtime. This is the case where Microsoft Teams is very helpful. It provides a platform where people can make and join teams and these teams can collaboratively work.

Features of Teams:

  • Team audio and video calling.
  • File sharing.
  • Individual and team conversation.
  • Works on every device.

OneDrive overview:

Sometimes workers need to maintain a balance between their office computer and their personal computer. An old method for this was to use flash drives or external hard drives. Not only was this very time taking, but sometimes users had to face major issues.


OneDrive is a tool that allows you to work on all your files while not needing to copy them to different devices again and again. It is because of its cloud-based file system.

Features of OneDrive:

Some of the features of OneDrive are mentioned below.

  • File management.
  • File sharing.
  • Automated uploads and downloads when needed.

How these office 365 tools are beneficial for small businesses?

As each of the office 365 collaboration tools that we mentioned above had their features, each of them has distinct benefits as well. Here we will discuss how the collaboration features of the office 365 collaboration tools are beneficial for the small and medium scoped businesses.

Runtime communication irrespective of the area and number of team members:

Small and medium businesses are the businesses that are on their road to growth. This is the time that they have to deal with a lot of hurdles that come in their way. One of the hurdles is the communication between different employees.


Tools like Teams can be very beneficial because, with the help of this tool, you can increase the efficiency of your business. It is because this tool can help you in making runtime meetings anytime. You can even announce scheduled meetings for weekends to maximize efficiency.

Easy file sharing for everyone:

The different tools that help in individual file management and shade file management are very helpful for employees of small and medium businesses. It is because these businesses have to get their employees to maximize their efforts and efficient file sharing is a bottleneck in their performance. Using these tools can be very helpful in maximizing the efforts of the employees.

Cost reduction for the businesses:

The small level business and the medium level businesses are the businesses that cannot afford to have expensive hardware like exceptional server computers. This makes managing things very difficult for the employees.

With the help of office 365 collaboration tools, employees can have different kinds of opportunities for increasing their efficiency. On top of all that, most of these tools are free so that the cost for business is reduced for increasing the efficiency of the employees.

Time and space efficient:

  • The time efficiency comes in the top different ways when the employees use the office 36 connotative tools. The first one is that every employee uses the file-sharing systems provided by these tools. This saves them from having to personally email every updated version of the file to every team member.

Other than this, the employees do not have to copy and paste files between their work and personal computers on a daily basis. This saves a lot of time. Other than this, if the weekly and daily meetings are scheduled out of working hours, a lot of time for every employee will be saved that they will spend on productive things while they are in office.

  • In terms of space efficiency, one account will work on all of these tools, and everything that you upload, or share will be accessible across all your devices. The best part is that you do not have to download everything because you can view them online over all your devices and you can also download something when needed.

Final thoughts:

While there are a lot of options available in the market, each of them will not provide you the experience. However, when you use the Office 365 collaboration tools, you can easily stay centered with only one account for all of your needs. The features and overview of these tools we discussed can be extremely helpful for small and medium-sized businesses.