Incident Response

Stop Threats in Their Tracks with ShieldWatch

Our ShieldWatch incident response service utilizes manual and automated techniques to quickly respond to security events, assessing, containing, and remediating incidents to prevent operational losses. Our expert team works diligently to minimize the impact of security incidents, ensuring that your organization can quickly recover from any potential breach. 

    What we deliver:

      • Rapid assessment of breach to determine how incident occurred
      • Identification and implementation of any regulatory compliance requirements necessary in light of incident
      • Rapid response to isolate the attack and plug any gaps quickly
      • Rapid support to supplement your team
      • Rapid recovery of data 
      • Rapid restoration of business

      How you benefit:

        • Prevents or minimizes the impact of breach
        • Reduces downtime
        • Minimizes financial loss
        • Ensure business continuity
        • Mitigates security risk
        • Faster recovery

      Numbers to know:




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