Lessons from the SolarWinds hack

SolarWinds is a software company in the USA that provides services used by several organizations. Some anonymous hackers, suspected to be Russians, hacked into the SolarWinds’ systems and attained access to sensitive information and data. We shall look into this controversy in greater detail and discuss what lessons can be learned from the SolarWinds hack.

How the SolarWinds Hack Occurred?

The hackers hacked into the systems very tactfully. The procedure used by them is as follows:

  • They used the disclosed vulnerability of SolarWinds to get to a victim. There is suspicion that password guessing was also used.
  • The real users were impersonated to get access to cloud services and Microsoft Azure’s directory. Having access to this directory is like having “Keys to the Kingdom”, as told by security experts.
  • They gave themselves permission to have access to other programs and applications.

Organizations Impacted by SolarWinds Hack

A large scope of organizations and agencies were impacted by this hack. They are as follows:

  • US Government Agencies – Many US federal agencies like the US court, US Treasury, and Commerce department were accessed by the hackers. They also had their hands over US cases that have been closed and hidden.
  • Microsoft – After entering into the SolarWinds system the hackers were able to get access to Microsoft Office 365 and were able to use it to hide their identity, by posing themselves as individuals from the organization.
  • Kent State University – This is a prestigious public university in the USA, that the hackers had access to. They may have accessed a lot of sensitive information regarding research and developments.
  • Intel Corporation – This organization works with chips and microprocessors. Their systems being hacked means their security was compromised.
  • Nvidia Corporation – Nvidia Corporation is a graphics company situated in the United States that has also become the victim of SolarWinds hackers. The scale of impact is unknown.
  • California Department of State Hospitals – Hospitals are one of the organizations that have the most sensitive information and data. Access to this means a lot has been compromised.

Lessons from the SolarWinds Hack?

If your company makes use of SolarWinds’s services, and want to protect yourself from the hack, or if you want to protect yourself from the same fate SolarWinds faced, consider these steps:

1) Backup your Data Safely

You need to backup your data, especially sensitive data in secure locations where they cannot be accessed. This will protect your organization and you from any sort of impending risk.

2) Empower your Employees

The SolarWinds hack could have happened due to its own employees. You need to uplift and empower your employees where they see the organization as their own home and do not facilitate such activity.

3) Keep Updating

Cybersecurity usually gets outdated with time. As new and new methods of cyber-attacks are being employed, the security systems should be improved too.

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The SolarWinds hack gives us a general idea of how vulnerable we are. Who knows what other kinds of systems are hacked and we are utterly unaware of them? It would be interesting to see how this controversy unfolds itself in the coming days.

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