IT services for Construction companies in Tampa and Florida

The construction industry faces a host of challenges.  These include:

  • Tighter construction budgets and timelines
  • Technology adoption and labor shortages
  • Digitization and communication

General managers need to cut costs and shrink their schedules. Across the construction industry, business owners need to find new tools that help get the job done. Technology is needed to make companies more efficient to compensate for compressed schedules. At the end of the day, construction managers need to do more work with less time and less money.  Adding the support of a Managed Services Provider (MSP) who can provide IT services in Tampa and around Florida is an affordable solution for construction companies.

We support middle market Tampa Bay construction contractors

We assist companies such as a mid-sized construction company in Tampa Bay and its sister company, a tank and pipeline servicer. They contacted us to have “on-call” support for traditional break/fix work that all small businesses require. This construction firm had utilized a part-time contractor who assisted them upon request, however, he worked full-time elsewhere and was not always available when problems arose. This is a common situation with SMB companies, who do not have the budget to employ a full time IT staff member.

We support several companies located in the Tampa Bay area in the fast-growing southern part of Hillsborough County. Like most mid-sized construction contractors, our customers have between 250-200 employees, and they generate revenues between $5-$50 million each year.  We have experience with startup to companies with 60+ years in business. Many are family owned and have maintained consistent growth over the years.

Concertium has decades of experience supporting Construction companies

With a team of technicians spanning the globe, Concertium has decades of experience assisting SMB and middle market construction companies in Tampa Bay and West Central Florida.  We have worked with a variety of hardware and software set-ups for customers.

Concertium has assisted local construction companies with projects such as:

  • Recovered systems access.
  • Implemented a new image-based backup strategy.
  • Ensured systems could be restored promptly and efficiently with a disaster recovery plan.
  • Fixed hardware problems, such as the connectivity between their two locations which relied on “line of site” antennas, taken out by lightning, which is a common occurrence in Tampa.
  • Utilized a partner to expedite a new fiber solution at both locations.
  • Overhauled an entire network infrastructure, to include new routers, switches, and branch office VPN technologies.
  • Migrated company from an APP River Exchange hosted solution to Office 365.
  • Added a new port location by adding a new terminal server so the remote workers could access server resources and LOB applications as if they were working locally.
  • Implemented a Datto backup appliance with advanced DR capabilities that has proven to be an essential service with the recent corruption of their primary fileserver.
  • Helped achieve SOX compliance so they could start doing business in the public sector.
  • Established a file server data backup system and disaster recovery.


Concertium can provide a free IT assessment of your mid-sized construction company

If you are the CEO, COO, or CFO of a mid-market construction company in Tampa Bay, please reach out to Concertium to discuss implementing a full MSP agreement to take advantage of our full capabilities.

Since 1997, Concertium has been providing Managed IT services to SMB and middle market companies throughout Tampa Bay.  We are regularly listed as a Top 10 Managed Service Provider (MSP) in the annual survey by the Tampa Bay Business Journal.  We have an extensive background installing, servicing, and supporting construction companies with flexible hosting, managed services and cloud software that evolve based on industry demand. With a local presence in Tampa, and a customer software development arm in India, we entail 75 employees and 60+ clients, and our technology-driven solutions are the most strategic and affordable choice for any construction contractor in West Central Florida.

If you would like to hear more about how Concertium can support your business and its technology infrastructure, let’s schedule a free IT assessment call with our CEO and CTO to learn more about your business and current technology needs.