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Captain’s Chair IT (CCIT) delivers a global view of your Company’s IT assets. The application provides a real-time view of your Company’s hardware, software, and infrastructure allowing for proactive response and peace of mind that your IT environment is being effectively managed. The insights provided allow you to manage your IT, increase the ROI of your IT Assets and ensure your organization’s business continuity.

Benefits & Features

Proactive IT Ticket Management

CCIT provides a portal and video interface for recording, capturing, and submitting user issues, making it convenient for the user and the technician to address and resolve your Company’s IT issues. The result: increased customer satisfaction (CSAT scores) for IT requests/resolution and increased employee productivity.

Create Video Tickets from the Mobile App

The powerful mobile app allows you to record a video of your IT problem from your phone and submit a ticket. This allows the Service Desk to get an accurate description of your issue the first time which helps to significantly reduce resolution times.

Identify Recurring Server/Cloud Issues

CCIT spots trends in server/cloud hardware, software, or other user issues, helping to identify if your IT assets and cloud services are performing optionally. The detection of recurring server issues affecting your network environment and asset productivity allow your IT manager to rapidly identify and proactively rectify these issues.

Dashboard for Cloud Server Performance

CCIT allows you to monitor trends in your cloud servers, including both AWS and MS Azure setups. This toolset allows you to spot peak loads and better understand optimal resource allocation in order to avoid application and productivity degradation

Monitor your Backup Status

CCIT allows you to monitor your Backup status every day and notifies you of a failed Backup so that you are always in the know about the efficacy of your Backup and Disaster Recovery Solution.

Application Performance Monitoring

CCIT allows you to monitor the performance of your custom application or production software right down to the data base level. It gives you full details of the health and response time of your production application, including query load times. This gives you complete peace of mind and provides you early warning signs of potential issues that may affect your customers.

Manage your IT Roadmaps

CCIT allows you to manage all your IT and Software Roadmaps in one place. You can see action items and the next upcoming action dates along with any other project plans. This keeps you ahead of the curve and provides you a comprehensive view of the status of your technology roadmaps.

All your Quotes and IT Reports in one place

CCIT allows you to keep all IT related quotes in one place including quotes from all IT vendors. You can also maintain all IT reports from your provider in one centralized location that Is always available to you.

Website Analytics & Performance

CCIT allows you to keep tabs on all of your online marketing results right from the website analytics of multiple websites to paid advertising (AdWords Campaigns) of multiple websites, all in one single pane of glass. You can also view the performance of the web server and get advance alerts of potential signs of server slowdowns.

Manage Software Licensing

CCIT enables your organization to stay up-to-date on all software licensing and renewals, as well as maintain OEM support and licensing requirements so that you can maintain the highest level of business continuity.

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