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From cost center to cost mitigation

What's the biggest thing holding you back from making cybersecurity a priority? For most CISOs and security executives, it's the fact that cybersecurity is perceived as a cost center rather than part of an overall cost mitigation strategy. Cost Center Mentality Cost-center based budgets have long created challenges for CISOs to deliver a level of...

Is a panicked board asking the right cybersecurity questions?

When it comes to cybersecurity, it’s not uncommon to hear concerns on a feast-or-famine basis. If you’ve avoided major incidents, you’ll hear, Why so worried – we haven’t had a breach so we have a handle on security, right? Why are we spending so much? But when a high-profile breach happens in your industry, suddenly security is in the spotlight...

Suddenly CISO Series: Avoiding the post-merger hangover

Mergers and acquisitions create huge growth opportunities — but, as with any good thing, they come with transition challenges, especially in security. Pre-merger planning activities are often focused within strategic, operational, and legal teams, while other groups are left to react once the deal is signed. Even when M&A keeps company...



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