Implementing cloud security to prevent computer hacking

Cloud technology is a big blessing for customers as it can let them store huge amounts of information for no or little cost. Thanks to the wide range of cloud security services, squirreling away as much data as you want has become possible without even buying extra equipment. Even though cloud is a big storage locker to store your data, it also possesses special security threats. Unlike physically stored data, the cloud is more prone to hackers and cyber criminals. Therefore, ensuring cloud security is critical to prevent computer hacking in the best possible way.

Ways to implement cloud security to prevent computer hacking

Do you want to know how to implement effective cloud security solutions to prevent hacking and other cyber-attacks on your data stored? Let’s have a look at the best ways to implement cloud security more effectively:

Multi-factor authentication

Common user-name and password combo is insufficient for cloud security. Once a hacker accesses your user’s credentials, then they can access all of your cloud-based services and applications easily. Therefore, it is highly recommended to ensure cloud security by embracing a multi-factor authentication. Because this can ensure an added security and will allow only authorized persons to get access to your cloud services.

Ensure sufficient change controls

Improperly configured computing assets and networks serve as a virtual red carpet to welcome hackers. Because such systems are completely vulnerable for computer hacking. Unpatched systems, improper permission controls, and non-existent security controls are a few examples of insufficient change control.

For this, understanding the cloud configuration matrix is important. However, it is highly important to plan cloud configurations in a proper way unlike traditional networking.

Implement incident response programs

The lack of visibility creates security risks on cloud and can lead to unauthorized access replication of data as well as improper handling causing confidential data removal from infrastructure. This factor can also impact the ability of an organization to verify their security controls effectiveness in a negative way.

However, implementing effective incident response plans as well as analyzing services, data and users can help organizations to recognize any unusual usage patterns that can be inherent to security. This can be a most important challenge to be addressed by an organization.

Ensure security compliance

Being compliant to various security standards is critical for cloud security. Ensure that your cloud provider is following security compliances such as HIPAA, FERPA, GDRP and more to keep track of where your data is, how it is being protected and who can access that effectively.



Encryption is key to prevent computer hacking

Cloud encryption is essential for cloud security. It can transform your data via encryption algorithms to place them on the cloud. Use data encryption for the cloud to keep your valuable data from leaving your business. encrypted data will ensure the data movement is protected in the cloud.

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Even though cloud computing is a highly cost-effective solution, it can cost you a lot if you are not going to secure it properly. Make sure to utilize the best industry practices to ensure cloud security and prevent hacking effectively.

We hope that this small article was able to help you understand the advantages of using multi-factor authentication and how they can complement cloud security.

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