Human error is top cause of security breaches

Of all the cybersecurity breaches, over 90% are a result of human error. Let’s explore why human error is the top cause of security breaches? Many of these successful attacks from hackers and criminal organizations, a large number of them are prying on human weakness and waiting for employees to be lured into providing them with secret insider information. These errors are extremely costly because workers have access to the company’s sensitive data.

How human error causes security breaches?

Generally, human error is the action of doing something that was not intended. Human error is the most common type of security breaches that happen in an organization. One of the major mistakes made by workers is sending sensitive information to unintended people. This is very easy to solve when you deploy security controls to monitor secret information being leaked from the company. These controls are now easily implemented by vendors.

By implementing these tools, you can prevent workers from sending documents via email or uploading them on information sharing sites. But even with these preventive measures, the most trusted and skilled employees can perform major risks of human errors. For example, system and network administrators are usually guilty of misconfigurations, poor patch management, and using default names and passwords. And hackers know how to exploit these mistakes.

Human errors made by workers that result in security breaches

The following are some major mistakes committed by the workers that result in security breaches.

Using weak passwords

Choosing weak passwords can allow hackers to gain access to their accounts by using brute-force attacks. The following are some methods used by workers while creating their passwords that can get hacked later.

  • Using default credentials
  • Passwords using personal information
  • Simple sequences

While making passwords for your corporate accounts you should stay clear of these above-described methods. Other reasons why employees get hacked easily is because they keep their password in open or display their passwords to others. Ensuring a strong password is a policy used in most organizations, but even successful organizations can make mistakes.

When you don’t have proper knowledge:

Many employees just concentrate on their work and do not pay attention to security procedures. Employees that are not appropriately educated on internet security can cause a serious cybersecurity crisis. With the help of an insider, attackers can steal credentials and get access to sensitive data. Even now, workers can become victims of malicious applications that hackers use to steal a company’s data.

Carelessly handling company’s data

Employees usually handle a massive amount of data every day and they are likely to make mistakes while handling this data. The main reasons for these mistakes are lack of knowledge, not understanding the value of data, or even tiredness in some cases.

Types of human errors

The following are some types of human errors that become the reasons for major security breaches.

Skill-based errors

Skill-based human errors consist of small slips and mistakes that employees do while performing their daily tasks and activities. In these cases, workers know what the right course of action is for a familiar task but fails to do so because of minor mistakes or negligence. These mistakes are caused by various reasons like the worker is tired or not paying enough attention.

Decision-based errors

Decision-based errors are mainly caused when a person makes the wrong decision. There are numerous factors that can become the reason for decision-based errors like an employee not having enough information or they are not even realizing that they are making a decision that can affect the company.

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Security breaches caused by human errors are less costly than data breaches caused by malware. Besides that, it still poses a threat to the security of your company’s sensitive data and its resources.

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