How MFA prevents computer hacking

As you know that one of the biggest problems in today’s world is hacking. All your personal information lies within your phone and maybe within your social media accounts. This information is quite precious to you and you cannot give it to some unknown person on the internet who is trying to hack into your privacy. Cyberattacks are growing more and more. An easy to implement solution that can be created by your MSP provider is MFA. We will explore how MFA can prevent computer hacking.

An insight to what is MFA?

MFA is Multi Factor Authentication. It is the procedure of a device providing proof of control linked with your online identity. Your online identity such as the one on Facebook and other social media sites. Two factor authentication means that a device needs to provide two proofs to sign in the profile which is requested to log in.

Authentication is the process of providing authentication for being the owner of a particular id. This login identity is always represented by the username and id password. All the authentication steps involve more than 1 id.

How MFA prevents computer hacking:

An authentication factor is something only known by the subject who is trying to login. And by knowing it, it provides them access to the id. These factors are

  • Password

A password is something really personal and only you should know the password which is related to your account. It is always recommended to have a strong password with different characters and numbers.

  • USB

Data is stored in such devices and such devices. It is always recommended to keep your USB device to yourself and never share it with anyone. In case you give it to anyone then they can access your id.

  • Biometric fingerprint

You always carry this along with you and this is one of the best and safest methods of keeping your account out of danger. It is difficult to hack such accounts because of your unique fingerprint.


One factor authentication or multifactor authentication:

Well, this really depends upon you. It looks like a multifactor authentication looks like a better choice when it comes to cyber security. For instance, if a hacker picks up your hard drive USB in the scenario of one factor authentication then he may be able to access your files.

However, in the second scenario if you are using multifactor authentication then even if the hacker does manage to pick up your USB then what? He will still need to have the pin to access your data. This is how multifactor authentication really works.

Is MFA hackable?

Yes, as hard it might be a task to hack it, it is not impossible. It can be hacked by an experienced hacker. It can be hacked through multiple hacking techniques. If anyone claims that their MFA solution is not able to get hacked then they are wrong. It can be hacked. You should always stay on your toes.

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MFA is one of the safest solutions for you. You should always try to use it though you should always be careful and never give any hacker the chance to penetrate through your profile. Use MFA solutions.

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