Hardware Purchasing

No matter how complex your IT environment is, at some point you will need to purchase new hardware. As a Concertium customer, there are many benefits in letting us manage your hardware purchasing, including:

  • We know your IT environment and what technology will and won’t work with your existing infrastructure. Since we also know your wants in addition to your needs, we will only recommend solutions that will be the best fit. As an expert in technology, we know the most recent, most reliable and most trusted solutions.
  • Since we serve multiple clients, we are aware of common problems and can recommend technology that has worked in similar situations.
  • You know you will get the right product. A common mistake customers make when trying to order hardware or software on their own is not being aware of the differences between consumer grade and enterprise grade equipment. Making this mistake means that you’re paying for equipment that is not compatible with other technology within your environment or won’t be capable of supporting the demands and security protocols of your business.
  • We take the hassle out of installation. Once the equipment is ordered, our team can configure according to your specific requirements and even arrange delivery to your office.

Regardless of how you buy new hardware or software, you’ll have less to worry about if you go through your MSP. It’s just another one of the benefits of having a managed services contract through Concertium.

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