Free Security Tools that can be Used to Audit a URL or Attachment

The Internet has grown greatly with hacking activities. Every day you might have gone through some website news to get hacked or some data breach. With the latest invention, the hacking trend is not the left behind thing. In the digital world, hacking techniques and tools are more threatening and sophisticated. Therefore, it is better to keep your website super foolproof against all malicious activities. In this regard, using the security testing tool is important. You can also check the extent of the issues from such web applications. The web testing applications’ main functions are to observe and find all the security problems that could lead to hacking. Everything can be possible without the source code. It is helpful to know the free security tools that can be used to audit your technology infrastructure.

Here are the top tools that you can use with the help of online testing of the website. The free tools are used to audit any URL and the security for the URL or attachments.

Virus Tool:

If your website is affected by the virus or unsure about such unsecured stuff on your webpage. If you want to remove it, then there is no better way than the virus tool. It is the cutting-edge technology that you can find in the most easily available way to protect your website from nasty stuff. Sometimes it can be detected in your computers like rootkits, spyware, viruses, and Conifer, and then you can work into the working state. Furthermore, the tool has direct working data from other global threat research, ensuring if the latest viruses have been detected and you can remove them easily.


It is free to download from the internet security essential to keep your antivirus solution from viruses on your tablets and phones. Moreover, it can be more vulnerable than other computers. It can be private information, which can be a problem from all the online dangers. Antivirus protection features that are important in this software, which will be acting as the automatic blocking malware, virus cleaner, tablets, and more on cell phones. Background check scans in real-time, and on demands on all the ransomware, spyware, Trojans, etc. Find my phone: this feature will lock or locate your cell phone if stolen or lost. Antitheft: The ideal quality that will save all the information from thieves from wiping out your information. App Lock: You will have the secret code accessing private messages, photos, and others. Antihazing and web filters are as name definition.

Iron Wasp:

It is a powerful scanning tool and an open-source, which is the Iron Wasp. It can uncover the 25 types of web applications that are vulnerable. Moreover, it can also detect false negatives and false positives. Furthermore, it is the perfect tool that can be assisting you in exposing several vulnerabilities. All the modules or plugins are written in Python, C#, VB.NET, or others in GUI based. Moreover, the report generation is in the RTF and HTML format.


It is an application that is designed to scan small websites. It includes personal websites and forums. Moreover, this light testing tool is written in Python, and there is no GUI interface. It uncovered the vulnerabilities like cross-site scripting, backup file verifications, Simple Ajax verification, and SQL injections. Moreover, this tool’s highlights are that it can generate the stats analysis files, portable and simple, and supporting the JS codes analysis.


In a nutshell, it is the top 10 testing source for the web-applications. Moreover, it is the best way to detect all the problems happening with your website. You can also check their tutorial for usage.

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