We started our tenant migration project by looking at a few different companies to execute this initiative. We ended up working with our team at Concertium and chose to go with them for our migration. Going with Concertium proved to be the right choice looking at it from cost perspective and time delivery. Dave Fulda was lead contact on our tenant migration. During this process while it is comforting to know that we have seasoned engineers working to accomplish this task. Dave took it a step further and kept in mind our customer centric attitude at Hunter Warfield making sure that the users experience was seamless.

During the migration communication was great explaining things ten times if needed to make sure Hunter Warfield and Concertium team were on the same page at all times, this is crucial. The Migration was a success. There were a few minor hiccups with migrating share point data, but was a direct cause of an issue Microsoft was experiencing out of our control.

There were also items that were recognized during that migration that were identified by Dave and team that needed to be corrected and out of scope of our migration project. Dave walked us through making the corrections needed for a more stable environment as we move forward into the future. During the final cut over day Dave and team were there to support us. As I felt the internal IT team here at Hunter Warfield could have handled next day support. Dave was adamant on being there with us and working through any issues post cutover. This was comforting knowing the migration was complete and our job was done mentality was not being taken here. Hats off to Dave and the Concertium team for doing this.

Post migration there were additional items found that were not identified in the original plan and Dave did not hesitate to jump in and help out. Over all just an excellent experience with Dave and team and would highly recommend we use them going forward for any Microsoft Tenant needs in the future and would recommend them to other companies as well.

——– Danny Dodge, IT Manager, Hunter Warfield