Dwayne Leininger

Dwayne LeiningerDwayne started selling at the age of 8 when he called on neighbors to sell cider pressed on his grandparent’s farm. His adventurous spirit took him from a small Midwest town to hustling the streets of New York City. From driving innovation for the country’s largest credit card company to implementing processes and analytical tools for entrepreneurial companies, he has developed a highly acute sense of strategy development and tactical implementation to deliver solutions and navigate yet defined problems to achieve the end goal efficiently and effectively.

Creating and executing win/win solutions is a passion. Dwayne’s analytical approach is uniquely focused to develop, define and determine the significance of data to make profitable decisions. Some observations he’s made over the years: Winning is simple, not easy. Spend less time talking about problems and more time defining the solution and taking action. Listen louder and plan more aggressively so everyone may play more.