Digital Transformation

Digital Transformation is the profound shift in business and organizational activities, processes, and competencies enabled by technology and automation to increase sales, achieve higher levels of employee productivity, gain operational efficiencies and/or drive deeper engagement and retention of customers.

Concertium provides Fortune 500 level CIO services to drive digital transformation at a cost more consistent with middle market level expenditures through a shared vCIO model.

Concertium deploys a proprietary employee-centric digital transformation process that can drive significant business value for your company.

Digital Transformation Services (DTS) Process

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    Analyze Departmental Data Flow

    We deploy our proprietary data mapping matrix to analyze the workflow of each department and capture their data flow to help us identify departmental levers and business drivers.

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    Identify Automation Areas

    We identify areas of automation and workflow optimization based on our data matrix. This step in the process uncovers all of the hidden processes that are not optimized and utilize disproportionate levels of resources.

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    Identify Automation Tools

    We help identify off-the-shelf systems or custom applications that will help in automating your processes and workflows. We are vendor neutral and we can implement software solutions (custom or off the shelf) based on your overall business goals, budgets and ROI.

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    Engage Employees

    We work with your employees to engage them in the digital transformation process to identify opportunities for increased sales effectiveness, enhanced automation and to drive successful adoption.

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    Execute Automation

    We help project manage the entire execution by leveraging our project management teams and software development teams. Our software development team is CMMI Level 3 and ISO 9002 certified in software development practices.

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    Democratize Data

    The goal of this process is to make data available ubiquitously to different departments in the format that is actionable for them. This helps drive the culture of data-driven decision making within the organization.

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    Drive Adoption

    The is a critical step in the digital transformation process to ensure that there is widespread adoption of the new processes and systems. During project initiation, we lay out the adoption plan that allows us to deploy a wide range of tools from training to white papers to other digital marketing strategies to drive internal and external adoption.

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    Delight Customers

    The ultimate result of the digital transformation process is to drive higher levels of customer engagement and find new customer engagement channels leveraging technology. Higher levels of customer and employee engagement lead to increased revenue and higher levels of customer and employee satisfaction.

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