Cloud Hosting isn't Data Backup

The Internet has revolutionized this world, but it has made certain confusions as well. When it comes to websites, people are confused regarding different services. One of the most confusing things is that cloud hosting isn’t data backup. Although people think that these are the same things, here we will discuss how these two are very different things.

What is cloud hosting?

When you make a website and you want to go online, you need hosting services. In older times, people used to get the hosting services from a server that usually was a shared server. But now things have changed a lot and now these services are moved to the cloud.

This means that when you get cloud hosting services, your website is hosted on different cloud servers.

This makes things extremely beneficial when it comes to the better performance of the application across different locations in the world.


How does it work?

When you get cloud hosting services, the data for hosting your website is spread across different cloud servers. These servers are present in different locations and they are connected. But the management of your website and its data happens through a virtual machine that helps in accessing the data across all the cloud servers.

This not only lowers the probability of downtime, but it also is a very cost-efficient solution for hosting services.

What are some benefits of cloud hosting?

The following are some benefits of cloud hosting.

  • Unlike fixed server storage options, the cloud hosting service is great in terms of flexibility and scalability.
  • Cloud hosting services are considerably fast as compared to the traditional hosting service.
  • Cloud hosting services provide better performance, speed, and security for the users.

What is data backup?

When a software or a database is made, its data increases with time. It is because of a greater number of overall interactions with the software. Some types of data are not very important to be retained but some types of data are very important. This is also very confidential, so this is not a good solution to leave it on the servers or computers.

For saving that data, backups are created. These data backups are simply copying the data and saving it on some other location. However, now different companies provide their data backup services to ensure continuous data backup after a specific period. Not only this but this also ensures the security of data.

How does it work?

There are different ways of data backup to work. The cheapest one is by heating a data backup in your storage device. However, the most efficient one is by getting the data backup services from any service provider. When you opt for these services, your data is automatically backed on their storage servers and you can access that anytime

What are some benefits of data backup?

The following are some of the benefits of getting data backup services.

  • You can access all of your data anywhere in the world without the need of carrying a storage device. All you will need is a computer and internet connectivity.
  • You will not have to worry about the failure of the system because your data is already present in a backup.
  • Sometimes the viruses corrupt the data present in our computers. A data backup can be a great relief and peace of mind in that situation.

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Out of all the major confusions present related to the software, websites, and data, cloud hosting and data backup are some of the most popular. So, here we discussed both of them in detail so that you can have a better concept of what each of them is and how it is in the world.

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