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Captain’s Chair IT (CCIT) delivers a global view of your Company’s IT assets. The application provides a real-time view of your Company’s hardware, software, and infrastructure allowing for proactive response and peace of mind that your IT environment is being effectively managed. The insights provided allow you to manage your IT, increase the ROI of your IT Assets and ensure your organization’s business continuity.

CCIT was created to address the needs of our clients by unlocking the value of a true partnership between your company’s IT and its business purpose.

Unprecedented Visibility A real-time view into your IT environment and how it is performing

CCIT offers a real-time view into your IT environment so that you have complete visibility into the service of your IT department/ provider as well as the performance of your servers (on premises and cloud-based), network elements, hardware assets, software applications and websites.

Actionable Insights Are you getting the most out of your IT budget?

Your IT environment needs to be performing optimally to achieve your business purpose. CCIT was developed to ensure that you have actionable insights into your IT spend, maximizing performance throughout your IT environment and providing you with return on your IT investment.

Full Accountability Is your IT department/provider doing its job?

CCIT provides you with full accountability from your IT department/ provider to ensure that your IT is performing optimally and that we are meeting or exceeding our stated service levels.

IT Control From Outsourcing IT Control to Controlling IT Outsourcing

In most cases, outsourcing IT services feels like losing control over IT platforms and forsaking transparency and control. CCIT is designed to put the control back into your hands.

The Captain’s Chair platform is divided into six main categories that defines your entire IT ecosystem

Service Ticket

Shows all your open tickets, ticket aging and ticket trends by reason code and by employees.


Shows the up/down status and overall performance of all on-premise and/or could servers and network elements. It also lets you know status of your backups daily.

Web Analytics and Performance

Shows stats about your websites or eCommerce sites, web servers, website visitor stats and performance stats of your custom applications.

Assets and Subscriptions

Shows all your assigned hardware assets with details and also shows all your Office 365 subscription components for all users - all in one place.

Quotes and Reports

Consolidates all your IT vendor quotes, vendor agreements and IT Reports all in one place for easy and quick access.

Digital Transformation

Shows a quick view of budget and status of all your IT projects, Software projects and Security projects all in one place.

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