Concertium is an Apple MacOS certified MSP

Apple has never seriously challenged Microsoft as a top provider of business software. However, consumers who love Apple products regularly start small businesses and wish to use Apple to run their company. From food trucks to clothes boutiques, we are increasingly seeing requests from SMB business owners to receive MacOS support. Thankfully, Concertium is an Apple MacOS certified MSP. You can rely on us for assistance with a wide range of IT services to run your company.

Apple MacOS does not have a long history as a business tool

Apple users are a skeptical bunch. For a long time, MacOS was seen as an also-ran in the personal computing market. Recently, Apple fell to the #3 operating system in 2020, due to the accelerating adoption of Google ChromeBooks.  As many businesses settled on Windows PC’s and Azure servers, MacOS users often felt left out when dealing with their IT admins. But as MacOS adoption increases with the SMB market, MSPs need to learn how to provide their customers with outstanding Mac IT support, and also need to build credibility.  That begins with speaking their customers’ language, and having a formal understanding of the software and hardware that interacts to connect their business with the outside world.

Apple MacOS certification is key to providing SMB business owner support

Thankfully, at Concertium we are a MSP who understands MacOS and its unique needs. We work to bring stability back to the Apple MacOS business environment by providing next-level Mac Management, Mac Repairs, Mac Purchasing, Managed App Updates, and more.

We continue to work primarily on Windows based computers and servers. However, our team has dedicated itself to learning Mac IT support terms to speak the language we need to maintain and support everyone who uses their products. Recently, we sent our entire team through a series of training courses to familiarize everyone on the MacOS operating system.

Certification Courses completed by Concertium help desk engineers:

  • MacOS for IT Administrators
  • Big Sur Essential Training
  • MacOS Quick Tips
  • MacOS Troubleshooting

Concertium can provide a free IT assessment

Your MSP should understand the software and hardware you are using to run your small business.  Every SMB business owner using Apple MacOS deserves an IT provider who is trained to support those systems.

Would like to hear more about how Concertium can support your business and its technology infrastructure? Let’s schedule a free IT assessment call with our CEO and CTO to learn more about your business and current technology needs.