Affordable Custom Software Development for Business Owners

Custom software development is the process of designing, creating, deploying and maintaining software for a specific set of users, functions or organizations. In contrast to commercial off-the-shelf software, custom software development aims at a narrowly defined set of requirements that are unique to the client. Affordable custom software development can be achieved if you have a technology partner who has experience delivery projects on time and in budget.

Concertium provides traditional MSP services, like help desk support, onsite assistance, Office 365 installations, and more.  However, unlike most MSP’s, we also own and operate a major custom software development staff. This team resides offshore in India, and they are able to complete large, complex projects tailored to suite your needs.

The Concertium team is located in Kolkata, India, and they will build your technology while you sleep.  The rates are surprisingly affordable, even for multi-month or multi-year projects. If you are looking for affordable custom software development as a business owner, contact us today to learn more about our services.

Examples of affordable custom software development projects

Client = B2C Services

1.Desktop application:

This application is used by photographers to take photographs of newborn babies in the hospital. System generates a unique session key after the upload and photographers share that key with the mothers to view their web album and place their web orders. Photographers can also take orders through this desktop application.

2. Web / E-commerce application:

This application has 2 types of users, Admin and general users. From admin panel admin can manage information, pictures, products and their template, client orders, web orders, discount coupons and a dashboard where they can see their monthly/ daily revenue generated. Front end is a kind of e-commerce application used by all the users who have been photographed previously. By using their unique session key users can login to their web album and can order their photographs. While ordering they can select the template, choose the pictures from their album, and create the portraits of their choice. After making the portraits of their own they can order the same through this application. There are also concept of several discount coupons applicable in the shopping cart.

Technology platforms:
1. Desktop:  Asp.Net C#, SQL Server
2. Web/e-commerce:  CodeIgnitor Framework, PHP, MySQL, jQuery, HTML


Client = B2B Logistics/Warehousing company

  1. Inventory management web application:

This is a custom application developed for the warehouse workforce, drivers, and the customers. The application is developed with a robust responsive behavior which helps to access the application from any device with a browser. The application has every module to manage an inventory life cycle starting from Onboarding a material in a warehouse to assigning different location and later releasing of the same. The Drivers can get a daily task list for delivery and when delivering the material to the customer can use the application from their mobile/ tablet and tag it as delivered. Also, they can capture images of the delivered material. Customer e-Signature can be fed into the application. Customers from this same application can request their material release and can track down the delivery. The application can handle material delivery from both logistics end and directly by the customer.


  1. Barcode reader implementation
  2. Warehouse Inventory Map
  3. E-signature capture displayed on real-time basis to the operations department
  4. Generate daily job list which can be prioritized by the warehouse operations team

Technology platforms: Laravel Framework, PHP, MYSQL, jQuery, HTML


Client = B2B Warehouse and Distribution company

  1. Mobile app for android tablets.

The application is mainly used by the warehouse users to track down the materials details and the consignment images. The mobile app stores all the details in a centrally located server so that reports can be published from all the warehouses at once.


  1. Captures the consignments coming in and going out of the warehouses.
  2. Produces consolidated report for all the warehouse from one place.
  3. Integrated into their Inventory management system.

Technology platforms: Java, SQL Server


Client = B2B Construction and Building Maintenance

  1. Web Application.

The application is mainly used to manage the construction tasks and phases. The application caters to each and every phase of a construction lifecycle. The application allows you to organize and collaborate on tasks and share files. Admins can create task templates and use it for creating tasks. Users can also set deadlines, task dependencies, alarms, and reminders, as well as providing notes.

  1. Mobile application

Developed for field superintendents to manage their task directly from the construction site.


  1. User role specific dashboards
  2. Real-time monitoring
  3. Integration with QuickBooks on a real time basis.
  4. Image capture from mobile and web-application.

Technology platforms: PHP, MYSQL, jQuery, HTML, Ionic 3, SQLite


Client = B2C Health & Wellness Non-Profit Organization

  1. Attendance and Needs Tracking System (ANTS)

System helps manage programs and services as well as undergoing surveys through another application running through KIOSK terminals at different centers. Customized Graphical Reports downloaded from the system helps funders to analyze the performance. This Application replaced a 10-year-old legacy system and all the existing data was migrated to this new system.

Technology Platform: CodeIgnitor Framework, PHP, MySQL, jQuery, HTML


Client = B2C Financial Services company

  1. Client management portal

Admin portal built for 2 types of users: Admin (employees) and customers.  Admin can manage marketing banners, document reference libraries and FAQ. They can also review different types of reports. Admin can also add/ edit other admin users from this portal.  Client can register, login to their dashboard. They can view their claims, their open cases, see the reports and export those. They can also see their account statements and balance due from this application. Browsing reference libraries and download those is also a part of this application. Client login with Okta is an added feature in this portal.

Technology platforms: Angular 9, Core 3.0, Swagger, Dapper, Repository Pattern, SQL Server


Client = B2B & B2C Property Management company

  1. Web and mobile application

Application that manages associations and homeowners. Association managers can manage their properties, events, newsfeed, committees, property owners, and violations. Homeowners can post their property alteration requests and same will be approved by the association managers or respective committee members. Violation management is also a striking feature. Association managers can create any violation against the property owner and property owner will be instantly notified. Also, the system has the provision to keep note on number of violations/ escalations occur and necessary actions taken by the owner against the same if the owner does not take any action.

Technology Platform:
1. Web App: ASP.NET, SQL server, HTML, jQuery
2. Mobile App: Ionic framework 3.9.2, SQLite, ASP.NET


Client = Non-Profit Museum

  1. A web and mobile application was specially developed for Android tablets.

The application is a virtual museum tour of the museum. The Admin is granted a web administration panel to upload the museum assets details and images. The assets are also tagged to beacons to help visitors taking the tour. Admin can upload students, instructors, and create and schedule tours. For each asset multiple Q&A can be assigned. The scheduled tours are displayed to the visitors on their individual tablets and when the beacons send notifications to the tablets if the visitors are on correct path of the tour. The instructor has a master application which can override visitor application screens if they are browsing the wrong content. Reports can be generated and emailed to the Instructor for the tour conducted. Reports are based on the assets visited; time taken for each asset; Q&A done by the kids.


  1. Beacon implementation and notification system
  2. Master-Slave feature for Admins to manage Visitor application screens
  3. Audios clips can be uploaded and assigned for assets for better tour experience.
  4. Q&A module better visitor engagement.

Technology Platforms: Laravel Framework, PHP, MYSQL, jQuery, HTML, Java, SQLite

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